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Fabric Mini Bands

These mini bands are perfect for your home gym! They come in three different resistance levels and really help engage that booty!  These fabric bands do not bunch or slide down and are easy to take anywhere. 

Set of fabric resistance bands for sale

Fabric Mini Band (SET)

This is a set of three fabric mini bands. They include light, medium and heavy resistance so that you can continue to challenge yourself as you get stronger.  They do not roll or bunch! They are excellent quality and really challenge that booty. 

Disc Sliders for Purchase

Disc Sliders

These disc sliders can be used to really engage your core, and challenge your muscles in various ways. There’s a fabric side for hard surfaces and an opposite slick side for carpet and softer floors. They are a perfect addition to any home gym.

Home Workout kit with ball, sliders and resistance band

Home Workout Kit

The Home Workout Kit includes the following a swiss exercise ball (65 cm), disc sliders and a fabric resistance band. This set gives you a great start at setting up a home gym. The resistance band included with this set adjustable for a comfortable fit.

Resistance band set for purchase. Resistance tubing.

Resistance Band Set

These resistance bands come in three different weights to help you continue to progress. They are gym quality and are built to last. We love these resistance bands for their ease of use, and the ability to take them anywhere! 

Dynapro door anchor for purchase. Door anchor for resistance bands.

Door Anchor for Resistance Bands

This door anchor can be used to hold resistance bands in place, allowing you to perform more exercises with them. We love the versatility of this. Allows you to do gym style exercises from the comfort of your home. 

Mini Band set for purchase. Latex resistance bands.

DYNAPRO Mini Resistance Bands

These mini bands are an affordable way to increase the amount of exercises you can do at home. They come with 5 different resistance levels to keep you progressing and make sure you are getting plenty of variety in your workouts. Easy to take on the go!

Medicine ball for sale. Medicine ball for purchase

Weighted Medicine Ball

This is an air filled, weighted ball that will provide extra resistance during your workout.  Available in 5 weight options, this ball is a great addition to your home gym. 

Power Resistance Bands for sale. Resistance Loop.

Power Resistance Band

These long resistance loops can be used for a variety of exercises from bicep curls, to squats. to core work and more. They provide lots of variety and are available in 6 different resistance levels to keep you progressing.