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8 Week Customized Training Program

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Our 8 week personalized coaching plan includes everything you need to transform your body and achieve long term success. If you are ready to build a sustainable fitness routine, learn how to eat properly to fuel your body, all while losing weight, gaining muscle and toning up, this is for you.  During your 8 week reset, we will provide you with workouts and a nutrition plan to get you started toward completing your goals. You will learn how to count and track macros and calories based on the recommended total that we will provide to you.  We will be there to coach you and keep you motivated with accountability check-ins and help with your progress tracking.  You will have access to our app, which will deliver all the workouts right to your device and allow you to perform them from anywhere.

Upon purchase, you will receive a short questionnaire and once completed we will be able to recommend a macronutrient and calorie target to achieve your goals based on your age, gender, activity level and workout routine.  Once you complete the questionnaire, please allow 5 days for us to compile your personalized guide. With your guide you will also receive access to our app. Through the app, you will receive easy to follow workouts, all with video instruction for each move, modifications when necessary and direct access to Deanna and Joy for guidance. You will  be able to choose when you would like your 8 week program to begin so that it works best for you and your schedule. Upon completion of your program you will have the option to continue working with us via our monthly private membership if you so choose.

Equipment Needed: This program requires minimal equipment.  We recommend a set of light, medium and heavy weights, though two sets (light and medium or heavy) are sufficient as well.  We recommend disc sliders, and resistance bands too, though you can do the moves without.  To replace disc sliders you can also use a dishtowel on a hard surface.  A bench is great if you have one, but a chair will work fine too!


  • Custom  macronutrient and calorie calculations based on your personal information and goals
  • A guide that will show you what your calorie needs are each day and how to eat to reach your goals
  • Tips to be able to succeed at your food goals without weighing and measuring everything
  • Weekly workouts delivered straight to your phone via our own app that you can do anywhere
  • All workouts include modifications and can be applied to beginner, intermediate and advanced exercisers
  • 5 workouts each week that keep your body guessing so that workouts remain fun, engaging and effective
  • Warm up and stretch routines
  • 24/7 access to our app that lays out each workout with instructions and videos for every move
  • App integration with Fitbit/ Apple Watch that displays health related metrics
  • Progress tracking through photos, measurements and weigh-ins (use as desired)
  • Nutrition tracking and integration with Myfittnesspal


Here’s what some of our clients have to say…

I can’t say enough positive things about what the girls at Sculpt Daily provided for me! With the various different services being offered out there to help with getting in shape and getting healthy, it can be overwhelming to figure out which one to invest in. What drew me to them is their positive, practical, and uncomplicated approach to making a change. It was a breath of fresh air and made me feel like I can do this! I absolutely LOVED the personalized workout schedule, and the very thorough and individualized eating plan. The workout schedule was just what I needed to get back into the habit, and the eating plan continues to inspire me to eat healthy and make better choices everyday. It was just so full of amazing info and recipes. I also love the workouts, tips and advice they share on Instagram. These sisters definitely know what they’re talking about and I’m so thankful I found them!


“These workouts may be only 30-40 mins long, but they are MIGHTY, and will give you the sweat and burn you crave! I have never felt so productive in 30 minutes in my whole life! The short timed workouts also make these easy to squeeze in anywhere, even throughout the busiest of days. I started this program when I was 5 months postpartum with baby number 2, and it’s exactly what I needed to build my strength again after the birth of my daughter. So thankful for this program, and I can’t wait to keep pushing my mind and body with these workouts.”


Joy and Deanna’s workouts are amazing! They are fun and effective! Every time I complete one I am sore and definitely “sweat it out”. They mix it up by incorporating strength, cardio, targeted area and full body workouts. With a busy toddler at home it can be challenging to get a workout in; the 30-minute length is perfect! I also love that both of these girls are moms and know the struggles of an ever changing prenatal and postpartum body. What I really think makes them different is how engaged they are in helping you achieve your goals whether that be maintaining weight, weight loss, overall healthier lifestyle, etc.  Check them out!!!


For someone who has always thrived off the energy of others in group fitness classes, I still find that here in SculptDaily, it’s a community of such supportive women. The workouts are challenging but variable & fun. I felt like the program packed in an incredible workout in an amount of time that that resonated with my schedule & each day was something new so it never feels redundant. Love this team, love this program!


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