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Correct Your Core and Pelvic Floor 6 Week Program

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This course includes:

  • 6 weeks of progressive workouts designed to eliminate diastasis, strengthen your core,  pelvic floor and supporting muscles
  • Follow along, full length workouts with clear instructions and demonstrations of all exercises
  • Short teaching videos to help you understand why diastasis and pelvic floor dysfunction can persist and what you can do in your day to day life to correct it
  • PDF downloads for all course material so you can read and learn, as well as watch
  •  Bonus workout to help you continue to progress after the course
  • A full body mobility workout designed to release tight muscles and keep you feeling good
  • Unlimited access to course material
  • Learn and progress at your own pace

This 6 week independent training program is designed to help correct diastasis, strengthen your core and pelvic floor and help you feel stronger than ever. When you go through pregnancy and childbirth it is normal for your abdominals to stretch apart and make room for the growing baby. This separation is known as diastasis.

Your pelvic floor also spends nine months carrying a much heavier load, and the surrounding muscles that support the pelvic floor often weaken with pregnancy. Your core and pelvic floor work hand in hand and it is important to strengthen these, and the surrounding muscles after baby.  If connection is not reestablished a host of problems can occur, including but not limited to, a tummy “pooch”, back pain, incontinence, pelvic floor tightness and/or weakness, neck and shoulder tightness, and more! Sometimes these symptoms develop right away and other times these symptoms don’t appear until down the road.

During this self-led program, you will learn at your own pace how to work your core and pelvic floor through natural movements. Kegels are great for some, but may actually produce the opposite effect in others. Our program teaches functional movements that connects your core and pelvic floor allowing you to gradually strengthen your body and return to all the activities you love. You will also strengthen supporting muscles that can cause diastasis and pelvic floor problems to persist. It is never too late to begin this program, even if your children are grown!

This course is progressive. The moves early on are very gentle and you are generally able to start the course immediately after birth. However we always recommend you check with your doctor to ensure this is safe for you.


Who is this program for?

Our program Is for anyone who has had a baby and is looking to re-strengthen their core and pelvic floor. Whether you are newly postpartum or have adult children, it is never too late to make improvements in your core and pelvic floor function. If you are already experiencing problems potentially related to a weak core and pelvic floor (back pain, leaking, pain with sex, pelvic heaviness, abdominal pooching, just to name a few), or you trying to prevent these problems for arising, this program is for you. 

How soon after giving birth can I start the program?

Since most of the exercises are no impact and very gentle, most women may begin the program as early as they like postpartum. However, we recommend you check with your health care provider to make sure they are safe for you, as everyone is different. Remember you are responsible for your own safety and not all exercises are suitable for all people. 

how will this program benefit me?

Our program is designed to help improve diastasis (the separation in the abdominal wall that occurs during pregnancy), re-strengthen and tone the abdominals, and re-strengthen the pelvic floor post birth. Pregnancy and childbirth place a tremendous strain on our body, and we develop postures and movement mechanics that are difficult to break unless intentionally dealt with. These movement patterns can cause a host of undesirable symptoms such as an excessive abdominal pooching, back pain, pelvic pain and heaviness, lack of strength and coordination in the body, neck and shoulder pain and tightness, pain with sex, leaking, pelvic organ prolapse, tight hips, and even more. our goal is to teach you how to move and strengthen your body so you can eliminate and or prevent these symptoms and get back to the activities you love.

Does this program replace the need for a pelvic floor physical therapist?

Everyone's journey is different. Some women will be able to prevent or heal pelvic floor symptoms and diastasis simply by following this program, others, who have more severe symptoms, may need the support of a pelvic floor PT. Our program will work alongside what you are doing with your pelvic floor PT, if you are seeing one, or if you plan to see one. You can find a directory for pelvic floor PTs by visiting the following website: www.pelvicguru.com (none of the practitioners on this site have been personally vetted by Sculpt Daily, so be sure to do your homework on their qualifications and customer reviews). If you are local to the Greater Seattle area, feel free to contact us directly for local recommendations. We truly believe Pelvic Floor Physical Therapists are an excellent resource!

What equipment do I need for the program?

This program requires minimal equipment. We recommend a yoga mat, Theraband, a Swiss exercise ball, and a barre/yoga ball. 

What type of other exercises can I do during the program?

As you are working on healing your core and pelvic floor, we recommend that you stay away from any exercise that is high impact or front loading (running, burpees, planks, jumping, or any kind of plyometric movement). Walking is a great compliment to the program as is other low impact exercise that does not put too much strain on your core and pelvic floor. 

Who do I contact with questions during the program?

You may contact us with questions by e-mailing Info@sculptdaily.com.

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