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A Beginner’s Guide: How to Start Your Fitness Journey


How to Start a fitness journey

If you are new to fitness and feel overwhelmed and confused, you are not alone. With so many different recommendations out there, it can be hard to figure out what fitness tips are important to focus on. We’ve got you mama! Let’s break down the most important things to focus on when starting your fitness journey!

1. Strength Training

Strength training should be a heavy focus in your fitness journey no matter what your goals are. Building muscle helps to boost your metabolism, reduce your chance of injury, reduce/prevent chronic pain and ailments, burn fat, and give your body a toned appearance. Make sure you are performing strength training at least 2-3 times per week, and potentially more depending on your goals. If you need a free beginner strength training program, we will send you one! You can get that here!

2. Cardio Workouts

 Cardio workouts should also be a focus on your fitness journey. Cardio workouts are good for the heart and lungs and help to burn extra calories. Cardio can come in many forms (High-Intensity Interval Training HIIT, moderate-intensity activities like jogging, cycling or aerobics, or low-intensity activities like walking). The amount and type of cardio that you should do varies based on your fitness goals and current fitness level. Try different things and find something that you enjoy and can stick to. 

3. Stretching, Mobility, and Corrective Exercise 

Part of your fitness routine should be spent focusing on mobility, stretching and corrective exercise. These types of exercises focus on areas of weakness, tightness, and pain in the body (hip tightness, knee pain, diastasis recti, pelvic floor weakness, the list goes on and on). These exercises help to bring balance to the body to keep you injury and pain-free. A good idea is to spend a few minutes a day on these types of exercises. Below are a  few of our favorites!

4. Nutrition

No matter what your goals are, nutrition should be a primary focus. Whether you are trying to lose weight, tone up, get stronger or just feel better, food plays a major role. The amount and type of calories depend on many different factors, However prioritizing a variety of different healthy fats, carbs and proteins is essential to our overall health and longevity. 

5. Sleep

If you are doing everything right, but not getting enough sleep, it’s going to be hard for your body to progress. Your body requires sleep to recover, regulate hormones, and manage stress. If you are deficient in sleep, your fitness journey will be much harder. Aim for at least 7-9 hours of quality sleep each night. 

6. Stress Management

Managing stress is another important component of a fitness journey that is often overlooked. If your body is under a lot of stress, it’s not going to have the resources to adapt in the ways you want it to. Your workouts will likely be slow to progress, your metabolism will likely be sluggish, and sleeping may be more difficult. Find ways to manage your stress in order to make the most out of your efforts. Things like journaling, walking, baths, and “me time”, can all be great ways to unwind and de-stress. 

Tackling all this can feel overwhelming. Don’t expect to be perfect. Start small. Find changes you can make and stick to. Remember if you want your changes to be permanent, then you need to look beyond diets and quick fixes. Lasting change takes time, but with consistency, you can crush your goals. 

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